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– Instructions for Finding Great Boat Deals!

Champagne Boating on a  Beer Budget!

Buy and Equip Boats for Pennies on the Dollar!

Save Thousands on Your Next Boat & the Boat Gear To Go with It!

By Jim Beerstecher

Why spend lots of money on a boat? With this fun and exciting text, you get the author’s secrets to buying boats for pennies on the dollar!

Save time and money buying a boat and the gear to go with her! Get a boat now following these proven principles. Gives specific examples of boat deals the author has gotten and shares his hints and tips for getting great deals on boats!


Ordering Information:

Order the Printed Version of this book, Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget!

Order the Ebook (electronic version) of this book, Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget!


Updated to include all the internet sources and methodology you need to snap up a great deal on a boat!

Jim’s been buying sailboats for pennies on the dollar for over 25 years. Until now he’s kept his secrets to himself. Now he’s ready to retire and sail off forever, so he’s gonna share what he’s learned, to pass the info along in hopes of garnering a few freedom chips in return.

You can adapt the information to buy sailboats, powerboats, canoes, cars, real estate, or just about anything. Jim’s helped countless people find great boat deals and now he’s going public with his knowledge.

Get a great deal on a sailboat!

Get a great deal on sailboat gear!

Cut the docklines and go cruising now!

Why wait until you pay off a huge boat loan…

Get a boat you can afford and go now!

For the cheap price of this book, you’ll get a great return on your investment! Easily save a bundle on any boat you want to buy! Save Thousands! Here’s the book that boat brokers DON’T want you to read!


Hans Christian Crop

Here’s Some of the Boat Deal’s the Author’s Found So Far!

  • He’s gotten several free boats, including a 17-foot, completely restored sloop worth about $1800!
  • Bought a thirty foot trimaran for a hundred bucks! That included a month and a half of slip rent and a new mast!
  • Bought an Islander Bahamas 24 for $350. At the time the mythical market value was about $5,500!


Com-Pac 23 w/ Trailer -+FREE+

Com-Pac 23 w/ Trailer +FREE+


  • Bought a Catalina 22, with trailer, for $600. The boat’s fictional value in “the market” was $6,000!
  • Bought a Columbia 26 for $350 and his old VW Van for which he originally paid $400. A $7000 boat!
  • Bought a Venture 23 sailboat with trailer for four hundred dollars. He’d been enamored by one at a yacht brokerage selling for $10,000! Who’duh thunk it?
  • He bought another Venture 23 with trailer with a new outboard motor, better equipped, for $200!
  • Bought a Bristol 24, a $12,000.00 blue water cruising sloop… believe it or not, he bought it for $600!
  • Bought an Islander 30 for $2500. It included a freshly rebuilt engine, 8 like-new sails, autopilot, VHF, and all sorts of great gear.
  • Bought and Islander 30 for $1900!
  • The ultimate coup (SO FAR!) he bought a Hans Christian 34 for UNDER $5,000. A $68,000 boat!
  • He’s turned down dozens of free boats in varying condition, some quite seaworthy at the time. He’s not talking about rotted out rowboats, either. We’re talking about sailboats and powerboats ranging from 17 feet to over 40 feet.


Ordering Information:

Order the Printed Version of this book, Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget!

Order the Ebook (electronic version) of this book, Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget!






  1. I wrote the first edition of this book, before the internet came to life! I’ve been adding to it and using the concepts, ideas, and suggestions in it since the late eighties! Honed? You Bet! Get it now for a couple of bucks, or spend thousands more than you really need to. Your choice!

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Jim B!

Jim discovered the world of sailing in 1984 and hasn't slowed down since! He's sailed and cruised (There is a huge difference!) extensively all over US coastal waters, the Bahamas, Canadian inside passage, and Mexico's Sea of Cortez! He's owned in-the-water sailboats and trailer-sailers... and he's cruised both types all over the place! When working ashore, Jim loves how sailing de-stresses his busy lifestyle. He also associates sailing with meditation and can think of no greater way to center himself with this wonderful universe we live in! Whether ashore or out cruising, Jim is always finding ways to improve the cruising experience! Jim's written extensively about the cruising life and self-sufficient cruising!

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